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Virtual Commuting: A Leadership Practice with Surprising Benefits

There is no denying it: Commuting offers a number of benefits that many of us are in desperate need of right now as we struggle to stay resilient during this pandemic. In our coaching practice, MDA Leadership’s executive coaches have begun encouraging overstretched leaders to reclaim these benefits by establishing a “virtual commute” in their work-from-home routines. We encourage you to do the same. Here are some practical steps you can take to establish your own virtual commute.

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The Future Fit Organization: Transforming Through Disruption

This article is based on a presentation delivered at the Human Resources Leadership Forum on February 6, 2020. It was written the following week, before COVID-19 accelerated into a global crisis. We are now in the midst of the fifth pandemic in 20 years, and the most far-reaching. There were just three pandemics in the prior 100 years. While organizations must understandably act as “first responders” and address the acute effects of the present crisis, it is imperative that they turn as quickly as possible to developing the capabilities for a future world of work marked by disruptions.

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Leading Organizational Transformation: The View from the Top

As companies of all types and sizes are battered by the waves of changing technology, customer demands, and threats from potential disruptors, how can executives successfully transform their organizations? Organizational transformation can be daunting, but readily attainable, through strong leadership and solid change management practices, according to a panel of highly respected CEOs. Learn their seven organizational and personal success factors here.

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Taking the Long View: Developing Future Fit Leaders

There are five leading-edge workplace trends that are driving explosive changes in the ways we connect, work, learn, and lead. Jim Laughlin presents MDA’s speculative Future Fit Leader model that leverages these trends along with futurist’s forecasts, research reports, and competency-based analysis, plus dialogue and insights from MDA’s leadership development experts and executive coaches.

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Failing to Succeed as a Leader (Part 1)

Fearing failure and not recognizing its deep and enriching gifts may be our ultimate failure as leaders. Learn five practical strategies to embrace failure that not only allow you to develop individually, but improve relationships and transform workplaces.

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Failing to Succeed as a Leader (Part 2)

All organizations must succeed to survive. But for sustained excellence, they must balance accountability and the need for results with a bone-deep willingness and commitment to try, fail, and learn. Five practices and policies that can help achieve that balance by embracing smart failures are provided.

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