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Achieve quality portfolio company leadership

For private equity (PE) firms, portfolio company leadership performance matters now more than ever, due to the heightened return interests of PE investors.

Great leadership in a portfolio company can quickly put it on a path to growth and lead to years of positive returns for PE investors. Conversely, poor leadership in a portfolio company can not only shortchange PE investors, but take years to overcome.

No wonder more and more PE firms are choosing to partner with external experts to ensure that their portfolio companies have the right talent, culture, and leadership to thrive and deliver the highest returns on investment.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Leadership Strategy: PE firms need a sophisticated, analytics-driven means of evaluating leadership. Not just to ensure that these leaders are capable of delivering on the growth goals of their companies, but also to determine if these leaders can meet the business expectations of their PE owners. Learn more here.
  • Leadership Assessment: Forward-thinking PE firms rely on MDA Leadership to provide the experienced, objective assessment and analysis they need to make well-informed pre-deal and post-deal leadership decisions. With MDA Leadership, you are not on your own doing talent due diligence or post-acquisition leadership interventions. Instead, get the peace of mind and business optimism that comes in partnering with a firm with proven expertise in executive talent identification and development. Learn more in this video and this article.
  • Leadership Insights: With input from MDA Leadership, you’ll gain a better idea of your portfolio company’s leadership timing, pertinent to your investment interests. Interested in a rapid turnaround? We’ll let you know if your company’s leaders are capable of achieving that goal. Want to build and develop your company over the long-term? We’ll evaluate its leadership bench strength, and provide you with a candid assessment of the company’s future talent—and any significant gaps or concerns—related to leadership succession and retention. Learn more in this article and case study.

In addition, organizations often find value in our:

With 43 years of assessment and development experience—including a specific focus on the interests of PE firms—MDA Leadership has the talent acumen that PE firms need to get their portfolio company leadership right. Let’s connect today.

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At MDA Leadership, we know there are no one-size-fits-all solutions for every organization. We take the time to get to know your business and your leadership needs and recommend a range of options that are the best fit for your growth goals. Let's see how MDA Leadership can optimize your Talent Strategy for the Long Run®.