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Predicting Success: How ARS Identified High-Performing General Managers to Drive Business Growth

ARS approached MDA Leadership to improve performance consistency and business growth across its geographic footprint based on the leadership capabilities and impact of its General Managers (GMs). By smartly and effectively identifying those most likely (and least likely) to succeed as GMs, ARS is now much better prepared to achieve predictable business success and enjoy a higher likelihood of long-term, sustainable growth. Learn how they did it.



Selecting for C-suite Roles in Portfolio Companies

Just as a great CEO and leadership team can propel a portfolio company to new heights of success, the wrong leaders can be debilitating. A recent Harvard Business Review study noted that portfolio company leadership has a 10-15% impact on financial performance and a 25-30% impact on market valuation. Hear from experts how to better select C-suite leadership in portfolio companies.

The Value of Assessment

How can private equity firms make certain their portfolio companies have the right talent, culture, and leadership to thrive and deliver the highest returns on investment? A panel of experts discusses the value of assessment in ensuring that you have the right people in place, working together, to quickly produce results that achieve investors’ goals.

How Assessment Differs in Private Equity Versus Corporate Context

How does assessment differ in a private equity versus a corporate context? There’s a significant difference in these environments because the time horizon and investment goals are so different. Hear a panel of experts discuss how assessment in the PE environment needs to be about focusing on the investment thesis and then assessing the talent to determine the ability of leaders to capitalize on that thesis.

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