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Dear Colleagues and Clients:

Throughout our nation’s history, we have alternated between times of great trials and tragedies to periods of unprecedented promise and progress. Today is no exception. What has remained constant throughout these periods is the universality of our common indomitable, can-do spirit. It’s that foundation which grounds and guides the many organizations that MDA Leadership is proud to serve—and compels these organizations to strive to become better versions of themselves.

For nearly 40 years, MDA Leadership has specialized in providing organizations and their leaders with the insights they need to achieve greater levels of success. Our assessment and development expertise has never proven more important to our clients than now, as organizations progress from unprecedented disruption to recovery. We are proud to be able to support our clients in this vital quest.

Many clients are using this time as an opportunity to become future-fit organizations. We have been exploring the requirements of the future-fit organization for some time now. Our aim is to provide provocative frameworks, fresh thinking, and leading-edge talent practices, so that you can engage your team in shaping the future.

We hope you benefit from the following resources on leading through disruption and recovery. Know that we are here to support you every step of the way as we enter this brave new world of work.

Sandra Davis
Chair & Founder

Scott Nelson

What will Future-Fit Leaders and Organizations look like?

MDA Leadership has long been exploring the requirements of the Future-Fit Organization, tracking critical workplace trends, discerning the capabilities we believe will be most essential for business leaders to grow and thrive, helping organizations select and develop future-ready leaders, and designing future-focused talent systems and practices.

These articles and videos will help guide your thinking about the future world of work:

Solutions for Leading Through Disruption and Recovery  

We are working our way through a “crucible moment”—an experience that will forever transform us. As a leader, you are making important decisions every day—though now there’s a faster pace, greater intensity, and higher stakes. Our world has been disrupted and your team is expecting more from you than ever before, yet these are uncharted waters with no proven map.  Check out these solutions designed to help you and your team lead through this unprecedented time.

Join us for the Future Now Leadership™ webinar series

We are pleased to announce a webinar series called Future Now Leadership. Let MDA Leadership’s experts help you address the essential leadership challenges that will define your success throughout the pandemic and its aftermath. Join us for expert advice, compelling dialogue, and actionable insights for thriving in a deeply changed world. We hope you will join us for one or all of these timely topics.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Designing a Future-Now Learning and Development Ecosystem

In response to the pandemic, remote work, and anticipated greater work flexibility, organizations are moving to revamp their leadership development solutions. A key to ensure you maximize the value of any investment is to understand the benefits of a dynamic learning and development ecosystem—essential to developing leadership at scale. We will look at the critical elements of such a development system or architecture and provide compelling case examples of the future of immersive, scaled leadership development.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Conversations with Coaches: The Impact of Executive Coaching on Leaders’ Performance, Stamina, and Well-Being

As we emerge from the pandemic, top leaders want to accelerate their business impact, improve their effectiveness, and enhance their resilience and well-being. Executive coaching is one of the best business levers you can pull to accomplish these critical objectives and drive high performance. Join us to hear from world-class executive coaches on how you can best support your top executives to reach their performance goals and leadership potential.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Leveraging Function Leaders as a Critical Lever for Recovery and Growth

Called the “linchpin” of organizations, function leaders have arguably the greatest impact on your business performance. Join us for this webinar to learn what development efforts will best enable your function leaders to drive business success. You’ll hear from MDA leadership expert Jim Laughlin who will share the value and impact on team performance, especially this year.

The best, bite-sized, online content for leading through COVID-19 in one place

Leaders today are challenged more than ever to incorporate learning and development into their daily schedule. They face time constraints, struggle to find relevant and applicable content, and experience barriers to just-in-time learning. MDA Leadership’s Accel5 was designed to leverage current, relevant, and applicable content that can be consumed in less than five minutes for transformative development. Here, the best bite-sized, online content on leading through COVID-19 is curated for you on MDA’s Accel5 micro-learning technology platform.

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