Leading Through Crisis Coaching

Leading Through Crisis Coaching: Critical Counsel for Executives

We are working our way through a “crucible moment”—an experience that will forever transform us. As a leader, you are making important decisions every day—though now there’s a faster pace, greater intensity, and higher stakes. Our world has been disrupted and your team is expecting more from you than ever before, yet these are uncharted waters with no proven map.

That’s why the best leaders are turning to Leading Through Crisis Coaching now. They know that there’s something pivotal taking place—that there is “no going back”—only the opportunity to re-imagine and create the future. Doing this requires heightened clarity, sense of purpose, and reserves of resilience that can only be developed through holistic wellness and self-leadership wisdom. It may seem counter intuitive, yet the more stress you are under, the more you need to invest in yourself, so that you can lead from a place of strength. The stronger you are mentally—the stronger your team and business will be.

In the current business environment, you need a place where you can be fully transparent, view vulnerability as a strength, feel supported, and think through the best way to navigate challenges that you have never experienced before. With this engagement, you will better understand your particular response to stress, become acutely aware of how your values inform your own behavior and that of others, and learn to leverage your strengths and sense of purpose to win in today’s tumultuous reality. Compared to standard coaching engagements, Leading Through Crisis Coaching:

  • Provides a laser focus on leading through this crisis—Targeted toward the right here and right now, you will receive support on how to effectively navigate the very practical issues that are coming across your desk in this business environment.
  • Brings strategic and balanced perspective—While many leaders are necessarily focused on tactical and reactive decision-making now, you will have a trusted, strategic thought partner to disrupt that focus and help you rise above what is directly in front of you to lead your team and organization into the future with excellence.
  • Offers flexible counsel to meet you where you are—We understand your days have been turned upside down and there is often no time for coaching during the standard work week any longer. That’s why we’re offering coaching sessions when you want them—whether that be during the day, early morning during what would have been your commute time, evening or weekends. Imagine taking an hour on the weekend to step back and reflect on your week and recharge for the week ahead, so you can provide the best leadership to those who depend on you.

MDA Leadership: Coaching Excellence

For nearly four decades, MDA Leadership has been delivering industry-leading coaching services that produce powerful results. We know what it takes to be an effective leader, especially today. Based on our expertise in organizational psychology and neuroscience, combined with our years of business experience, we deliver coaching that helps leaders achieve real, sustained growth.

To learn more about coaching services from MDA Leadership, please contact us at +1 (612) 332-8182 or by e-mail at info@mdaleadership.com.

Core Capabilities

Coaching Services
The MDA Leadership Coaching Framework

Our coaching is based on the proprietary MDA Leadership Awaken-Align-Accelerate® development framework.

Awaken—Coaching Discovery & Feedback

  • Understand true impact on others
  • Deepen insight into one’s own style, motivations, and potential derailers
  • Take inventory of one’s leadership journey, noting learnings, aspirations, and priorities

Align—Growth Planning & Engagement

  • Invite the leader’s manager and HR partner into the process by sharing learnings, collaboratively planning for growth, and incorporating regular, ongoing insights regarding impact

Accelerate—Ongoing Coaching & Measurement


  • Receive timely, focused coaching support around new practices, experiences, and related insights
  • Course correct through regular alignment discussions regarding progress with the leader’s manager and HR partner
  • Deepen insight by soliciting feedback, insights, and recommendations from a trusted and chosen Growth Network

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