Function Leader Development Experience

A Unique Development Experience

MDA’s Function Leader Development Experience (FLDE) is a comprehensive development program based on those factors most predictive of excellence in a functional role. Participants receive deep developmental insights through multiple assessments, pre-program alignment and coaching meetings, and post-program development coaching. The three-day program experience includes experientially based learning, simulations, practical tools, insights from world-class faculty, and a network of highly accomplished and motivated peers. FLDE offers participants a unique strategic perspective as well as effective operational tactics, tools, and frameworks to help them lead more effectively and increase their function’s strategic contributions to the organization’s overall success.

Register for the FLDE experience: A three-day workshop in Minneapolis from September 14-16, 2020, with an evening kick-off session taking place on September 13th.

Five Roles Most Critical to Success

Why focus on roles rather than competencies? Because leaders experience their work as exercising different roles and can more clearly draw lines between their roles and the business outcomes they need. Roles create a solid basis for development planning. The goal is to improve the performance of your roles in ways that directly impact the business rather than to improve your ratings on discrete competencies.

The Right Investment

The unique value and influence of leaders who are leading a function has never been stronger. Today the function leader is a linchpin position that has arguably the greatest impact on overall business performance. Operating with increased spans of responsibility in flatter, more complex businesses, today’s function leader must possess both deep specialized knowledge and work effectively across boundaries with the skills, attributes, and business acumen of the traditional general manager.

That’s why smart organizations invest in the function leader level of their talent pipeline. They experience a big performance payoff today and an even bigger payoff tomorrow, as the career path of many function leaders leads increasingly to a place at the CEO’s table.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify and increase the strategic contributions and value of their function for the overall organization
  • Apply tools and techniques as well as a proven change framework for more effective change implementation
  • Develop a talent mindset and use best-practice processes and tools for attracting, retaining, and developing key talent
  • Influence more effectively across boundaries by establishing presence, credibility, alignment and buy-in among diverse stakeholders
  • Accelerate the pace of execution, raise the level of their team’s energy, and ensure greater follow through
  • Focus on the right development targets to improve their leadership effectiveness in the short- and long-term

“We had a great experience with the Function Leader Development Experience (FLDE). The payoff has been even beyond what we expected for the business. The people we selected to attend now have a close cohort relationship. Since then, a few of the participants have been promoted and are well positioned as successors to senior executive roles.” – Alixandra Colehour, Vice President, Human Resources, Select Comfort Corporation

Register for the FLDE experience: A three-day workshop in Minneapolis on May 4, 2020 with an evening kick-off session taking place on May 3rd.

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