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Smart Steps to Shoring Up Your CEO Succession Strategy Now

No matter how highly you may think of your current CEO, the reality is that your CEO’s departure is a matter of when, not if. At some point, every CEO departs. On average, 10 to 15 percent of corporations each year need to name a new CEO due to retirement, resignation, dismissal, ill health or death. What can organizations do to better ensure they have the right people ready at the right time to assume this role? Read on to see if your organization is engaged in the four core activities that are foundational for successful CEO succession.

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Filling the Gap: Five Critical Factors to Ensure Interim Executive Success

Executives tapped internally to fill an interim role face a double-edged sword: While the position may present a tremendous growth opportunity, including the potential to fill the role permanently, it can be fraught with ambiguity and risk factors. As such, companies need to ensure they’re maximizing the success of these leaders. In this new article, we describe how organizations can optimally help their newly promoted interim leaders succeed.

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Passing the Board Chair Baton

While chief executive succession planning has developed into an art over the years, the relative newness of the independent board chair in the U.S. means preparation for this vital leadership role remains weak. How does the board effectively identify, train, assess and onboard its next board chair?

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Is Your Board Ready For Peer Evaluations?

While almost all public companies today conduct some form of board evaluation, individual evaluation of directors by their peers lags. A sound peer evaluation program can prove invaluable for board members, helping nurture their strengths, and further develop their oversight talents.

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