Talent Assessment Case Studies

Predicting Success: How ARS Identified High-Performing General Managers to Drive Business Growth

In 2014, Charlesbank Capital Partners invested in American Residential Services (ARS) as one of its portfolio companies. ARS approached MDA Leadership to improve performance consistency and business growth across its geographic footprint based on the leadership capabilities and impact of its General Managers (GMs). By smartly and effectively identifying those most likely (and least likely) to succeed as GMs, ARS is now much better prepared to achieve predictable business success and enjoy a higher likelihood of long-term, sustainable growth. Learn how they did it.

Case Study – Predicting Success: How ARS Identified High-Performing General Managers to Drive Business Growth (789 KB)

How Bench Strength Experience Helped the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Identify and Develop its Top Talent

Given our inherent barriers for predicting talent success, it’s no wonder many organizations struggle identifying the high potentials they need to strengthen their leadership bench. This case study dives into the dilemma of a perceived lack of leadership bench strength faced by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation (HBFF). Together, MDA and HBFF landed on piloting MDA’s Bench Strength Experience, a comprehensive, industry-leading assessment and development program designed to give clients critical insight into the depth, breadth, and diversity of their leadership talent—and provide participants with an unmatched learning and development journey.

Case Study – How Bench Strength Experience Helped the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Identify and Develop its Top Talent (402 KB)

Assessment Becomes Critical Component in High-Growth Organizations

With companies facing a record pace of leader retirements and talent shortages, they need sophisticated assessment-driven strategies to identify top talent and accelerate leader development. Learn how Ecolab and Cardiovascular Systems, Inc. are leveraging assessment to accomplish their ambitious business goals.

Case Study – Assessment Becomes Critical Component in High-Growth Organizations (1603 KB)

Hospitality Company Builds Talent Acumen Through Leadership Assessment

A major Midwest-based hospitality company took stock of its leadership talent and identified a need to build its talent pipeline for sustainable business success. The company had no shortage of hard-working and passionate leaders who cared deeply about doing the right things to help the organization deliver a great customer experience. However, the company wasn’t sure if these individuals also had the capacity to lead others and demonstrate higher-level skills. In partnership with MDA Leadership, the company created its first high-potential talent assessment strategy to determine the preparedness of select employees for future leadership roles. Equipped with MDA’s assessment analyses and reports, the company’s senior leaders, including the CEO, now believe they have a richer and more valid basis for understanding and gauging the potential and preparedness of their top talent. As a result, the company continues to enjoy robust sales growth.

Case Study – Hospitality (391 KB)

Recreational Sports Company Spurs Growth Through Talent Assessment

Innovative new products and a highly lucrative parts, accessories and garments division had propelled a Minnesota-based recreational sports company to record-setting growth. To meet increasing global demand, the company hired several new leaders with experience and insight into international business, marketing, retail merchandising and distribution. Armed with a talent-centric mindset, company leaders partnered with MDA Leadership to craft a strategy to select and keep the best employees, whether they were starting on the manufacturing floor or entering the managerial ranks. With MDA Leadership as the company’s go-to provider of assessment services and products, the company now has keen insights about external hiring decisions and attributes a large part of its year-over-year revenue and profit growth to the quality of its employees.

Case Study – Recreational (305 KB)

C-suite Selection and Succession: Delivering Leadership Excellence for the Future

MDA Leadership helps CEOs articulate executive leadership needs, identify top talent, and accelerate C-suite transitions.

Senior Executive Blueprinting ™
Succession planning begins at the top. CEOs, in partnership with human resources and their boards, must think carefully about the talent they need for the future in key leadership roles. Similar to CEO Blueprinting™, MDA Leadership helps our clients articulate the executive leadership they will need to successfully navigate emerging business challenges and drive evolving strategies.
C-suite Selection and Succession
Not all C-suite hires and promotions achieve success. We help CEOs select the right executives by bringing an informed, experienced, and objective voice to the table. Based on a CEO’s criteria and an organization’s norms, we assess and analyze executive candidates to provide definitive and well-grounded promotion and hiring recommendations.
C-Suite Transitions
About 60% of executives say they were not prepared for the strategic challenges they faced in their new senior leadership roles.3 MDA Leadership accelerates effective transition into the C-suite. Through a unique discovery process, we help executives gain deep insight into what it will take to be successful given stakeholder expectations, team dynamics, and the nuances of C-suite leadership. Our seasoned coaches guide leaders in designing and executing highly relevant and engaging onboarding plans.

Board Services: Enhancing Board Effectiveness

MDA Leadership helps boards strengthen their governance roles and internal dynamics.

Board Evaluations
Most boards are required to evaluate their own performance on an annual basis—an exercise that can range from “checking the box” to an experience that truly engages board members in the right conversations. Our services include full board evaluations, individual director reviews, peer feedback, chair role transitions, and action planning.
Board and CEO Consultation
Creating strong board and CEO collaboration requires mutual trust and respect. Forging and maintaining productive relationships cannot be left to chance. MDA Leadership provides trusted advisor consultation for CEOs and their boards to foster alignment in critical areas such as decision-making, role clarity, governance, and communication.
CEO Coaching and Trusted Advisor Consultation
Two-thirds of CEOs don’t receive any outside advice on their leadership skills, and yet almost all would be receptive to suggestions from a coach.4 Since a one-size-fits-all playbook for CEOs doesn’t exist, MDA Leadership provides CEO coaching. Whether business performance is hitting the mark or not, even seasoned CEOs benefit from the safe place and counsel we provide to help them evolve their leadership.

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