Betsy Gaines, M.S.

Betsy Gaines, M.S.

Betsy Gaines, M.S. Senior Consultant

Phone: +1 480.488.7986

Betsy is known for the way she connects with leaders to deliver feedback and messages that promotes individual learning styles and accelerates understanding. She helps individuals recognize and learn how to leverage their strengths for stronger performance in their roles within the organization. She is curious, an adept listener and actively engages others because of her genuine interest in development.


  • 30 years experience helping clients identify and develop talent within their organizations via assessment center methodology.
  • Experience working with leaders in a multitude of industries, including financial services and banking, medical products, insurance, education, food services, health care and construction.
  • Identification and incorporation of core values within an organization and aligning those values with human resource decisions.
  • Extensive expertise in customized assessment center methodology, including simulation design and evaluation tools.


  • Worked with various municipalities, private companies and publically held organizations to identify future executives and leaders.
  • Guided many¬†organizations through the process of talent assessment and development of career paths.
  • Clients value her ability to listen to their needs, ask the right questions and deliver solutions that meet those needs.


  • M.S., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Nebraska
  • B.A., Microbiology and Psychology, University of New Hampshire
  • Licensed Psychologist, State of Minnesota, 1989-2005

Outside of the office, Betsy is an avid golfer who plays and competes locally in tournaments and events. She has two children: a son in Seattle and a daughter in Sydney, Australia, which gives her an excuse for travel both within the United States and overseas. She loves sports, including hiking, biking and swimming and has recently taken up bridge because there is always something new to learn.